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Food is always one of the most important things to me.

I’m always looking forward to trying any local food – from the junk food, to the healthy ones.
And I found some places I can truly recommend in Montréal.

Taverne Gaspar

Urban Shack

Les Enfants Terribles

Gibeau Orange Julep

La Banquise


Fairmount Bagel

Breakfast :

As previously stated the best one I had so far was at Gaspar Auberge du Vieux Port on-site bar/restaurant. So many hearty dishes to choose from! My favorite one was the Apple Cheddar Crepe and the “casserole”.

Cabane à Sucre / Sugar Shack :

If you miss this while in Montreal during spring season, you haven’t see Montreal. Quebecers rarely miss this annual celebration. At the end of a long winter, when days get longer and when the sun is more warm. People sit at long communal tables and eat simple sugar shack food to welcome the new season.

Cut are made on the bark of the Maple trees to collect a sugary water which is later transformed after boiling, in a perfumed syrup. Sugar Shack season last from March to April.

On the menu, crétons (similar to pate), pea soup, omelet, sausage, slices of bacon, beans. And for the desert – sugar pie, pancakes or “Pouding-chômeur”.

Sugar Shacks are usually located among forestsbut urban cabane can be found within the city.

Urban Shack / Cabane Urbaine

Address : 3580 Notre-Dame O. Montreal (only on weekends)

Website : https://www.cabaneurbaine.net/

Schwartz’s (1928) :

The place to be for every meat lovers. Celine Dion among other acquired Schwartz’s in 2012. But the trend has been on for almost 90 years, regularly drawing long lineups. Serving its famous smoked-meat sandwiches, often with half-sour pickle and black cherry soda.

If the line is too long you can cross the street to “Main Deli Steak House”.

Restaurant with a view :

If you are looking for an amazing view while enjoying tasty food, you can’t go wrong with “Les Enfants Terribles“, Au Sommet Place Ville Marie, the highest restaurant of Montreal. Such a beautiful place!

If you do want to try a local dish, try the “Paté Chinois” and a Sugar Pie for desert. Loic tried it, but it is too sweet for me. I took the cheese cake, my little weakness. And it was as good as it looked.

Fairmount Bagel :

The first Bagel Bakery to open in Montreal in 1919 and still family owned . But Fairmount Bagel are also the first bagel ever in space – on the International Space Station.

La Banquise :

We got takeout from “La Banquise” (open 24/24), we had less than 45 minutes to reach the Basilica for Aura show. I didn’t know there was so many kind of Poutine and i was expecting the cheese to be melted. As we learned later on, it was meant to be that way.

Gibeau Orange Julep (1932):

Another poutine to try (this time the cheese was melted). Gibeau Orange Julep is one of Montreal’s classique landmark.

You can’t miss to try the juice there, the recipe is a well-kept secret. It was really, truly good.

Near Namur metro you can easily find the restaurant, the building is in the shape of an orange, three storeys high, with a diameter of 12m.

Do you have a hidden gem to share?

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  1. Yves C

    Je vous conseille lors d’une prochaine visite de venir gouter la version Portuguaise de la Poutine. A “Ma Poule Mouillée”, avec une petite sauce épicée.



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