5 Essential Tips

for Beginner Drone Photographers

& Videography :

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If you’re a newcomer to this field, our beginner’s guide to drone photography can help you quickly increase your knowledge and skill set. Here are the “5 Insider Tips for Beginner Drone Photographers”.

#1 Make your Life easier : Cut Down on Post Production

Our Mavic fits our needs perfectly. There is better drones out there but not as small as this one with such a final result. As much fun as post-production can be, reduce the amount of time spent editing photos or videos colo by using filters. ND filters, Polarized one or UV filter. We use the Cinema Series filters from PolarPro. The 6-Pack contains ND4/PL, ND8/PL, ND16/PL, ND8, ND16, and
ND32 filters, for reducing shutter speed, removing glare and increasing color saturation.

#2 Do multiple takes : Master Classic Aerial Shots-

There are five classic aerial shots that any great drone cinematographer should know :

  • a reveal shot
  • a flyover shot
  • a pedestal shot
  • a pan shot
  • a rising shot

Unless you are a great pilot, most of the time we shoot several sequences – it gives us
choices when editing later.

#3 Make it smooth:

A smooth sequence is for us the most important thing. When it comes to editing video we have an easy process. We firstly watch every video that we want to add to the future sequence. Even if the video is great but the flight is not perfectly smooth we simply delete the video. Failure to do so will lead to unsteady footage, possible crashes, and a shaky
viewing experience.

The camera is mounted on a tripod so only your piloting skills need to be improved. Practice as much as you can and remember to always take it slow.

#4 Plan your Shoot:

Planning your shoot is something you don’t want to forget. Ending up with a location full of tourists or the sun right behind a tree creating a huge shadow is not fun…

There are a few applications like the PolarPro app and Sun Surveyor Lite that will help you plan your flight around the golden hour (the period just as the sun is rising and setting).This will also help you use the correct ND filter depending on the current light.

#5 Geared up : Ready for Takeoff

With all that covered there are still important things to consider when planning your shoot including your takeoff and landing spots.
you planned the perfect timing there is still one thing to consider. Your Take Off and Landing Zones.

The PolarPro Mavic Landing Gear provides a more stable, wider stance for your Mavic and is easy to install providing
an additional 1.5-inches of ground clearance. We already had some issues trying to fly over rice paddies with grass 7 inches tall as our only option for take off.

WDTYT : You can open your soft case and take off/land from there.

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