Luang Prabang :

Royal Residence.

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Quiet place, with so much to offer.

When you arrive from the Slow Boat, you will find plenty of stouts to offer guide services and hotels. We didnt choose that option and reach the city center with our Songthaew.

There, we met the same group of european people from the pier. Two hours daily, they approach tourist to offer their guesthouse in exchange of complementary night. We are not the kind to follow “stouts” but it end up being a great deal and we didn’t regret it.

Sok Dee Guesthouse

If you take the deal straight from the pier you wont have to pay for the “taxi”.

100 KK / 12 $  (double bedroom) complementary coffee/tea and a first simple dinner include the first night. The room are really cute with everything within walking distance in a quiet small street.

Located just 2 steps away, a market is held every night from 5 PM till 10 PM along Sisavangvong Road. Every South East Asia classics can be found here, handycrafts souvenirs, clothing, spices.

The market is quite small with many stalls selling the same items, your bargaining skills will be put to the test as the prices are more or less the same as in shops.

On a small side street you will find the food market including the all you can eat buffet for 15 KK.

Like all cities, Luang Prabeng has its own mascot, Spiderman.You can find him mostly around the market at night. Standing montionless in his bathing suit, digging and picking object on the market stall, walking around with a palm leaf; here are some Spiderman signature moove.

When you ask the locals, about it, all they have to say is: “He is funny”.

Getting some tips from fellow travellers, we head to Utopia Bar, which is apparently where everybody go for a drink on the banks of the Nam Khan river. Being on the same path, we will add the cheapest supermaket in town on the map

The place was packed, good music playing and the outdoor garden perfect to chill. You can find a volleyball court, a giant screen and yoga classes there.

The place was packed, good music playing and the outdoor garden perfect to chill. You can find a volleyball court, a giant screen and yoga classes there.

The place is open every day from 7 AM until 12 PM.


Best Supermarket

Utopia Bar offer daily yoga classes.                                                                                                                  

  • Every Morning :

7:30 AM – 8:30 AM for 40.000 Kips

  • Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday :

5:00 PM – 6:30PM for 60.000 Kips

When Utopia close down, everybody is going to … Wait for it … Wait for it … The Bowling !!

Yes, you heard me ! The main attraction in Luang Prabang for the night owls.


Not your regular Bowling alley. A 10 minutes Tuk-Tuk drive from Utopia. 20 KK each person, each game.

Do not plan to meet local, only the drivers are, and they will try to ripped you off on the way back as they know you have no options.

A pretty surreal place, open untill 2 AM.

You will hear everything about this spot, the best being for you to go make your own opinion.

  • Regarding restaurants, Luang Prabang have nothing to be ashamed of. While you are there you do need to experience the Lao Barbecue. Plenty of place propose it as their own speciality. You can see our recommendation about two of them in the Laos Foodies.

The fusion of architecture style, mixing French colonial buildings, Buddhist (in temples), traditional Lao and modern architecture all around give the city a great atmosphere.

If you don’t stop once in a while you will regret it. So, go on the Mekong or Nam Khan banks, take a Beer, a Lassi or a Smoothie. Look around and see. We promise you won’t regret it.

  • End your day with a perfect sunset.

Over the years, it has become one of our favorite activity while travelling. Always with a cold beer and sunflower seeds !!

So let’s go on top of the “Pussy” as all locals pronounce it. Phu Si Hill in the city center, opposite to the Royal museum is your best option to watch the nightfall, 355 steps to the summit.

Arrive a couple hours before, to explore the temple halfway up the hill (big-bellied Buddha) on the Nam Khan side. Hundred other person will be there so prepare to jostle. The entrance fee is 20.000 Kips before enjoying a 360° view of Luang Prabang.

We didn’t tell you that:  On Mount Phousi you can buy caged birds. In Laos culture releasing a bird free will bring good luck and happiness to you. But most of the time they got recapture directly from where you set them free.

They are meant to come from nearby paddy field, caught with bird traps, where they eat and destroy fields.

2 options come to you :

  • Not promoting such a practice by not buying a cage bird.
  • Set at least one (or more) bird free, your mind and heart.

Your choice …

  • Scooter, as elsewhere in Asia can be rented all around town for roughly 100 KK a day.

Price are higher in Laos compare to the rest of Asia, with Luang Prabang being the most expensive one.

By driving 25 km SW you will reach one of Luang Prabang main attraction.

Unlike Tad Sae Falls, best appreciated in the wet season, Kuang Si Falls are dest seen during the dry one.

Find all information about our solo day trip Here.

We didn’t tell you that: The highest exchange rate we got to find in Luang Prabang was at the BFL Bank counter, on the main street (Sisavangvong Road Xieng Muan Village).

Your choice …

  • Last but not least, the Alms Controversy where Buddhist Monks from all around Luang Prabang gather their daily meal.

We almost didn’t make it on time to attend the ritua and keep mixed feelings about it.

The 14th century old ceremony is full of symbols, but the mass and newly asian tourist might just ruin it.

Everybody should remember, this is not a theme park.

You may ask yourself, why is scooter rental so damn expensive in Laos compre to his fellow Asian country ?


In indonesia you could get one for about 2 $ a day, 6$ in Thailande, but 12 $ in Luang Prabang for exemple.

3 main reasons :

  • In Laos there is a 100% import on motorbikes.
  •  Rentals were banned for a couple of years to “help” Tuk-Tuk and local tour businesses. Less clients for them irredeemably means less tax money for government When renting got to be legal again, a tax was add, which increased rates.
  • There is less tourism in Laos so the Return On Investment is not as fast as the one in Thailand for example.
In a nutshell:

Hotel : Sok Dee Guesthouse Address : Ban Vathnong Khamkong Road, Luang Prabang 06000 Telephone : +856 71 252 555

Bowling : Address and price: Route N13 near the LP hospital, 15 KK until 6 PM then 20 KK each game per person. Tuk-Tuk should be 10 KK per person

Phu Si Hill : One of the best spot to watch the sunset and 355 steps to reah the summit. 20 KK entry fee per person.

Kuang Si Falls : 23 Km from the city center. Take a Tuk-Tuk or about 150 KK or rent a scooter for 100 KK. More info Here.

Alms Ceremony : Start everyday at 6 AM, you do not need to plan for the best spot in advance, We recommend you to come early and sit on one of the small street instead of the main one. Find more info Here.


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