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Crown Jewel of Slovenia

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An hidden gem away from Venice tourist crowds.

Slovenia may just have 46 km of coastline but they definitely chose quality over quantity. Also Shared by Italy and Croatia, the Istrian Peninsula has absolutely nothing to envy to Europe bigger riviera. Piran can be reached from Ljubljana within an hour by car and is only 2 hours away from Venise and 3 hours from Zagreb.

Lepa Vida

Hotel Piran

Fritolin Pri Cantini

Sunset Point

Town Walls Obzidje

While in Piran we had our breakfast both day at the hotel. It was so nice to have once again so many fresh fruits and a large choice of seeds/nuts, perfect to start our day (like we had in Galo Resort – Madeira).

Hotel Piran staff is treating their guest like family since 1913 and you can really taste the flavor of old Europe in Piran. Enjoying what the Slovenian coast have best to offer. Everything you need is located close to the hotel, restaurants, shops, and of course, the harbor if you do want to go on a day trip. The terrace (rooftop) is perfect to watch the sunset for the aperitif and quickly became a famous spot.


We could really picture ourselves in the winter there, far from the crowd and away from the cold. A special attention is made to the little details such as the daily quote written on the mirror, decoration etc… It turned out to make our stay even more special.

The only thing we might say about the room would concern the size of it. It does not have the biggest bathroom in the world. But to be honest: 1) You can always check photos of it before you book the room, so it wasn’t a surprise. 2) While in Piran with so much to do I don’t see why you’ll want to spend all day in your room.

The second photo of this article was the view from our room situated directly above the sea. And if this perfect location does not suit you Hotel Piran is one of the properties of the Eurotas group, with much more to choose from.

There is 2 address we would like to share with you. The first one – Fritolin Pri Cantini is located in the center of Piran. A great place for a quick bite. You order you drinks to the waiter before going to the left side of the restaurant to order whatever food you want and they will call your number to pick it up. We had the grilled squid with chard and anchovies stuffed fried olives.

Dining on a boat is something you might be interested in? Even if you won’t leave Piran’s harbor you will get that special atmosphere. It is a mix of tourists, locals, and sailors that come here to enjoy at Ladja Podlanica a simple and fresh cuisine from the sea.

Piran’s main square wasn’t always like that. It used to be an inner sheltered harbor. It was only filled and redesigned at the end of the 19th century.

Wars were made over salt due to its ability to preserve food, it was a highly valued item. The Adriatic, having a higher salinity due to its shallow depth, had more productive solar ponds. Even so, most of them are not in use nowadays in Piran. The small one next to Lepa Vida remains active.

Salt is still produced like it was centuries ago, by evaporation of salt water (brine) until the concentration is high enough for the salt to crystallizes on the pond’s floor.

The Sečovlje salt pans where centuries-old traditions are kept is located on the south side of Piran’s peninsula. Before letting the water flows, a layer of petola (gypsum, algae, clay) is added to prevent the salt to mix with the mud. Better is the water circulation through the pond, and whiter the salt would be.

When visiting the area during sunrise or sunset you might be lucky enough to enjoy the perfect reflection of the clouds on the rectangular water mirror.

“Brine- mother water: is a precious liquid which remains at the bottom of the salt evaporation ponds after hand-harvesting the sea salt. Due to the rich content of minerals like bromine, iodine and magnesium, brine has been highly valued for centuries. Brine is used in the form of baths. Its most important characteristic is that it encourages and strengthens the body’s defensive abilities, and provides a calming effect due to the presence of bromine. The bath accelerates the blood circulation of the whole body and thus toxin secretions. The skin is more toned and regains its elasticity and youthful appearance.”

Lepa Vida is located in the middle of the Secovlje Salina Nature Park and what better location than just 100 meters away from the ponds for the salt to offer its healing properties. Have you read our article about Sand therapy in Porto Santo?

In the center, a main sea-water swimming pool and several smaller pools with higher salt concentration. One of them has like the Dead Sea such a high salt concentration you can literally sit in the 50 cm deep pool without touching the bottom of it.

3 Kneipp pool with different sea water temperature can also be found. You just basically walk on rocks. If somebody could give us more details about its benefits it would be nice.

An extra effort was made for the complex to blend in. From above it seems like a salt pan among other but beware only 50 guests can enjoy the facilities at the time so do not forget to call in advance.

In a nutshell:

Hotel Piran :

Address : Stjenkova ulica 1, 6330 Piran, Slovénia

Telephone : +386 5 666 71 00

Website : www.hotel-piran.si

Email : [email protected]

Lepa Vida :

Address : 6333 Seča, Slovénia

Telephone : +386 5 672 13 60

Website : www.thalasso-lepavida.si/en

Email : [email protected]


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