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In the maze of travel organization, there are some useful points to know.

We are only going to speak about a regular organization that suits the majority. Of course, it is incredibly exciting to leave at the last minute, without any precise idea what is coming next. Living day to day with information gleaned along the way.

Airfare :

As you might all know it is important to organize any trip as soon as possible. Not only this allows us to obtain the best prices but in addition, it would be a shame to miss on something important to do. Whether it is a few months or days before departure, the way we book our flight will have an importance.

When is the best time to book a flight?

  • According to a 2015 research, 54 days prior departure. Conversely, prices tend to soar 21 days before takeoff.

But it all depends on the specific trip you are taking. Fly to Lukla in Nepal and you will only find little airline competition, but fly to Rio during the Carnival, you will need to book your flight well before the “prime booking window”.

From our personal experience, we try as much as possible to fly on a Tuesday or a Wednesday, same idea on the way back. Of course, it is not possible for every lifestyle, but by traveling during weekdays we avoid the traffic, rising prices, and other annoyances. A company will always find a way to get some extra money by adding card fees.

  • Another legend is to book between 00 AM and 5 AM. It would avoid paying service fees, depending on the booking company, something we never been able to verify, unfortunately.

Anyhow it is always better to book during off-peak hours and to clear cookies. Some institution, for example, will recommend pricier hotels to Mac users than to PC users.

  • Finally, do not forget either to extend your airport selection, a large city will have more than one decent airport. But, the lower price from airport A is not necessarily the best idea, associated cost can significantly exceeded the price diference with airport B.


We didn’t tell you that: For example: A flight from Paris Beauvais could be as low as 30 € return. You then have to add 15 € for the bus, each way (1h15), printing your tickets is mandatory, and any luggage has an extra cost. It is then easier to just book a flight from Paris Orly sometimes, well served by public transport, for about the same price.

Your choice …


Hotels :

Hotels are a little bit more tricky to save money on. It all depends on where you are going, what time of the year, and how long you have before leaving.

  • We just realized not so long ago, mostly if you travel outside high season in the desired location. A simple email may get up to 50 % off! No need to be writing for Lonely Planet or buying 50 rooms at a time. You just need to specify that you will be in the area from X to X period. With a little luck and some writing skills, you might save some money quite quickly.

If we do have to organize in advance, we try as much as possible to book refundable hotel rates. This way, you secure a room and can always change your plan if needed.

  • To save some cash, when you have to stay in the same hotel more than 1 night. Always check the nightly rates. Often, the hotel won’t charge you on the average nightly rate, the highest rate will be applied. Imagine if one night, the standard room is not available !!!
  • About airport hotels. Some airport hotels offer free or cheap parking for 1, 2 or more days. So a stay at an airport hotel can cover the cost of airport parking.

If you have to catch an early flight or to go on an adventure at dawn. Let the hotel staff know that you will need to check out before the hotel breakfast is served, so they can make a breakfast box to-go. It is always worth asking, even if all the hotels do not offer this service.

Car Rental:

Not as many advice to give here. We just use the same tips used previously. The lowest price does not necessarily mean the most advantageous deal. Even having paid the best prices, various options are always added during the recovery of the vehicle. With some company, for example, the damage waiver, not mentioned in an online booking, could cost you more than a week rental.

We usually:

–  Are extremely careful with checking the condition of the rental vehicle. Realizing a video of the body of the motorcycle, scooter or car.

– Prefer to find a way to give the vehicle back when the counter is open. To be present during the verification of the vehicle’s condition, rather than leave the keys in a mailbox.

– Remove the company’s stickers for the duration of the lease.

This is only based on our experience and hopefully, might help.


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