Best spot to fly your drone in Siargao – The Philippines
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A drone shot of two beaches separated by clay slopes in Malta


Well, let’s be honest anywhere on the island is beautiful and would be a great place to start flying.

Guyam Island

Sunrise in Alegria

Cabugao Sunset Spot

Coconut Field

Straight Coconut Street

Del Carmen Mangrove

San Isidro Mangrove

Surfers @ Salvation

Island hopping : You can book a boat from General Luna and go on a tour for the day that will take you to Guyam Island, Daku Island and Naked Island. You should pay 1500 PHP for a boat up to 8 PAX. Leave as early as possible if you don’t want the island to be too crowded.

Getting some action : Filming surfers can be more complicated as some spots need to be reached by boat. You can still easily fly the drone from the shore in place like Tangbo and Salvation to name a few.

Sunset : I didn’t get so lucky with the weather around dusk in Siargao but with great conditions, sunsets can be beautiful. The reflection on the water making it perfect. Del Carmen and Cabugao‘s wharfs are just at the edge of the mangroves and the local boats will give that little extra touch you need for a scenic sequence.

West Coast Beach at Sunrise: The north coastline between Alegria and Pacifico offer a pristine water and beautiful beach. The beach next to Dedon resort and the ones near General Luna offers a beautiful contrast with the ocean, the sand, and the trees.

Coconut tree: I suppose anywhere on the island is good. However, the road before Maasin has I think the biggest concentration of palm tree I have ever seen. After going down the hill there is also a perfectly straight line for any moped video.

Mangrove: The mangroves are for example located in Del Carmen and San Isidro. Really easy to reach. Unfortunately, it was raining every time we drove near San Isidro but both places offer a scenic landscape and have a great reflection of the clouds when the conditions are right.

I just went flying daily with my DJI Mavic Pro + 3 batteries, the weather can change suddenly and if your drone is pretty far you might not always have the time to bring it back before the rain comes, be careful. Our set of Polarpro filters – Cinema Series – helped us once again to capture the best shots, the glass has a high light transmission and a low refractive index.


  1. Cedric Lee

    Did you get any kind of permit to fly all around Siargao?

    • Banana Journey

      Hey there. No special permit no. As long as you are smart about when and where to fly you shouldn’t have any issue.
      You might want to fly at sunrise and sunset anyways to get the best lights so you won’t have many people around.
      I always carry with me my European pilot licence and my aeroclub subscription just in case. If there is a time where you don’t think you should, just don’t, that should keep you away from 99% of the problems in 99% of the countries.

      • Martini

        Hi Even on the plane you haven’t encounter any problem? TIA! 🙂

        • Banana Journey

          Hello. No problem at all at the time but maybe rules have changed, I would suggest you contact the airlines. Drone goes with you on board with batteries in individual fireproof casing, thats what i do at least and never had any problem. Thanks for passing by.

  2. Francis

    Thanks for writing this article! I’ll be in Siargao next week and I’m planning to get some shots there using mini2, I now have some idea on where to go 🙂


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