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The City of Explorers.

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A 3 night getaway to Portugal for our anniversary.
Picking up a car on arrival with Goldcar at the airport and we were ready to explore the city of seven hills. First thing First, we headed to the hotel.

Dear Lisbon

A great location, right in the heart of Lisbon’s historical center. Dear Lisbon is a small hotel not far from the Bairro Alto. A special attention is paid to the decoration with the famous Portuguese Azulejo for example. The ladies at the front desk were lovely and gave some great advice during our stay.
Bairro Alto is the most vibrant Lisbon neighborhood.

In the evening the streets are filled with people and a great atmosphere. Full of bars and restaurants, the narrow cobbled street will surprises you at every corner. It is a rare pleasure to stroll with his head in a cloud of wishful thinking, as you walk through facade with laundry hanging, covered with tiles.

The weather was not on our side as we crossed the ” 25 de Abril Bridge ” towards Caparica Beach. The rain start to fall and we headed to a restaurant for lunch. It was one of the best fish we never had. You definitely should give it a try.
O Tûnel Restaurante is located on the opposite bank of the Tagus river. To reach Cacilhas, take the ferry from the Cais do Sodré Station ( 15 minutes ), 1.25 €, the last one leave at 1 AM. and the Bus 101.

For a panoramic view and great photography, check the Christ the King monument not far from there.

O Tûnel

Christ the King

Sintra - Lisbon - Portugal

We didn’t tell you that:  For those like us who were not used to it. The “appetizer” you have on the table when you arrive ( olives, chorizo … ) are not like peanuts and will always be charged and add to the bill. Same thing applies to the bread. So no need to rush. But consider double checking the Conta.

Your choice …

After several hours at Guincho’s beach in Serra de Sintra National Park, we came back to the car. And horror, found it with an over 25 cm dents to the body.

We were told later that day, that some locals are not always very big fan of foreigners taking over the beach. There is apparently numerous story of damage made on rental vehicles. I guess we will never know if it was a grumpy local or just a reckless driver.

Started an intense moment of stress, the only idea of losing the deposit because of a third party was already ruining the rest of the trip.

Not to mention the waste of time that will follow.

After a call to our bank to evaluate the possible insurance options, we went to Cascais police station to make a statement. The Officer was very helpful, and even jumped on his scooter and asked us to follow him to one of his mechanic friend.

Portugal is the oldest country in Europe, his borders have been the same since 1139.

They also have :

  • the oldest bookstore in the world, since 1732, Bertrand bookstore has been established in Lisbon.
  • Coimbra university is one of the oldest in Europe and was created in 1290.
  • Lisbon itself is 4 century older than Rome.
Sintra Cultural Landscape is one of the most touristy area near Lisbon, if not the most important, making it a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Unfortunatly for us, it was still raining heavily as we drove the 25 kms (30 minutes to an hour drive),  that will separate us from Lisbon.

Without a car, start your trip from the Rossio train station. arrive early enough during high season to secure a seat and avoid long queues. The train journey takes 40 minutes and will cost you 4€30, for a return trip. Prefere to take the train during peak season, the street are very narow and parking options are limited.

In addition to the rain , there was a significant restoration campaign, no need to tell you, we have not made many good pictures.

The Pena Palace mainly from the 14 th century, looks just like what it used to be for Monarchy until 1910, before Portuguese Republic was established. One more great example of Azulejo definitely make it looks like a Fairy Tale castle. Even if built on old sites, nothing remains of the medieval period.

Sintra - Lisbon - Portugal
The Moors Castle, for its part, dates from the 9th century and was built by the North Africa Moors. covered in thick fog or clouds in the morning, the view from up there is incredible. Beware the rain make the foothpath really slipery.

We didnt go to The Initiation Wells since the weather was pretty bad, but it is on the list for next time and you should definitely go there.

In a nutshell:
Hotel :

Dear Lisbon

Address: R. de Marcos Marreiros 13, 1200-254 Lisboa, Portugal

Telephone : +351 927 531 876

Restaurant :

O Tûnel Restaurante

Address: Rua Candido Dos Reis – Cacilhas, Almada, Portugal

Telephone : +351 912 151 850

Sintra :

Start from the Rossio train station. arrive early enough during high season to secure a seat and avoid long queues. The train journey takes 40 minutes and will cost you 4€30, for a return trip. Then take the tourist bus 434 to reach the city center, and Pena Palace or Moors castle further away. You could also drive 25 kms on your own (not recommended during peak season).

Comboios de Portugal will give you the latest timetable :

The entrance fee to the Pena Palace and Pena Park is 13.50€ 11.00€ (adult/child). Only the terrace and park will cost you 7.50€ / 5.00€.

Moors castle :

You will need 1 or 2 hours to visit this 9 th century monument. It open between 10 AM – 18 PM (winter season) and 9 AM – 20 PM (summer season). Admissions fee are 8 € / 6 € (Adult/Child).

Reccomended Beaches :

Caparica beach, 30km stretch of golden sands. The closest, the crowdest. Bus 161 from Praca do Areeiro.

Da Torre and Carcavelos beaches are within easy access from Lisbon. Take the green line at Cais do Sodré train station, 4€30 return, to reach Cascais.

Guincho, Estoril, great surf with northern wind during summer time for kitesurf and windsurf. East winds during winter with the biggest swells in December (lefts and rights). Bus 405 and 415 from Cascais (25 minutes).

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