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Lakeside Retreat.

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A inevitable long journey from Kathmandu :


It took exactly 7 hours for us to reach Pokhara, the second largest city in Nepal from Kathmandu by bus. We didn’t book anything in advance again and just woke up early enough to go to the bus terminal. You will take it from Kantipath Road in Kathmandu and should pay 700 NPR for a regular bus, 2000 for a microbus.

Phewa Tal lakeside isn’t that far, 200 Kms only. But the journey on the Prithvi Highway following the Trishuli is nothing close to straight, a very steep, winding road that cuts through an enormous gorge. The view is simply breathtaking and you get to experience the Nepal’s piloting skills.

Bandipur or some White-Water Rafting can also be a good break option if you have the time.


The bus just dropped us there, how convenient, right in the center ! Definitely not the spot where we took the bus back to Kathmandu.

We didnt book any hotel and just went around after being dropped by the bus.

After several visit, and some bargain we end up staying at Hotel Grand Holiday which again have a perfect “rooftop” to enjoy Pokhara. It is basic but just what you need before you begin your trek.

What to do :

Devote two days or two weeks to Pokhara and you will still find something to keep you busy anyway.

From short day trek, full-time monthly paragliding course or food enthusiast paradise, Pokhara got a lot to offer.

We didnt stay long enough to appreciate it all, but the city has been put on the map again for next time.

You can easily just rent some bicycle, paddle board and kayak. As from this moment, you are ready to enjoy a slower paced life, meet the locals and organise your next favorite activities.

Expect Pokhara to be packed in August, mostly with new Chinese, Indian and local tourists due to the recent Jaun Hai Pokhara campaign.

There is a restaurant you do need to go to, Potala, find it on our Nepal Foodies article.

Pokhara Cow

Annapurna Conservation Area Permit :

If you are not in a rush, no need to get it in Kathmandu. it is a quick simple procedure you can do in Pokhara. Walking to the Tourism center will take you 20 minutes maximum.

Like any Conservation area, you will need documents to access the Annapurna Base Camp trek, two of them will be required.

  • A trekking permit, costing 2000 NPR (US19$) per person and per Conservation Area (other than SAARC countries) valid for a single entry.
  • A  Green TIMS (Trekkers Information Management System) cards by paying NPR equivalent to US 20$ per person. 10$ if you are part of a group.

Bring 4 ID photos and your passport with you, you can make them as we did, right next to the tourism service center.

You can find the location and counter details just below. The toll is utilised for environment conservation and maintenance of the area.



Nepal Tourism Board, Tourist Service Centre, Pardi Damside – For Annapurna only

Opening hours:
Sunday to Friday except on public holidays, at the following times:
9 am – 5 pm (mid February to mid November)
9 am – 4 pm (mid November to mid February)

[email protected]

Nepal is home to Everest, highest Montain on earth reaching 29,029 feet (8,848 meters) above sea level.

As well as …

The shortest documented full-grown person on Earth. Chandra Bahadur Dangi (1939-2015) standing just 1.95 Foot tall (54.6cm) and weighing 31 pounds (12Kg).

In a nutshell:

To get there:

  • Tourist bus from Kantipath Road in KTM, it will take from 7-10 hours because of length stops to various road side restaurants, they leave before 7:00 am, so don’t miss it or you will be stuck another day in Kathmandu. Don’t get to excited about the Wifi sign on the bus.
  • Taxi should start at 5000 NPR (46$) and more to reach Pokhara from KTM.
  • Flight cost from 50 $ to 100 $ one way and are 25 minutes long.

Hotel :

Hotel Grand Holiday Pokhara

Address: Peaceful Road, Lakeside, Baidam, Pokhara 6, Népal

Telephone : +977 61-462967

Email : [email protected]

Trekking Permit and TIMS for the Annapurna Conservation Area :

Reach the Nepal Tourism Board in Damside, and bring :

  • 4 ID photos (which you could do next to the counter)
  • 2000 NPR for the Trekking Permit
  • 20 $ US to obtain the TIMS

From Pokhara to Kathmandu :

Reach Mustang Chowk (25 minutes walk from the Lakeside), you can then take the bus to Kathmandu or Chitwan National Park.


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