Getting a Tattoo in Nepal.

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Tattoo Nepal Mandala
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1 Day in Kathmandu, and few thousand dots later.

I had already contacted the studio Mohan’s Tattoo Inn, which I was advised before.
We were returning from Sri Lanka, and we were going to be in Kathmandu for one night only. To take our luggage that was left in the hotel, and i took the opportunity to get a mandala as a souvenir.

Mohan Gurung, is one of the tattooing reference in Nepal. He opened the first Nepalese tattoo and piercing salon in 2000 in Pokhara. Then in June 2005 moved to Thamel, Kathmandu. He is also the initiator of the Kathmandu Tattoo Convention.

Mohan's Tattoo Inn

Just arrived at Kathmandu airport, it was already time to go to the hotel, take a shower, and go to the Thamel studio, to find Mr. Vivek former student of Mohan. With whom I had previously discussed the project, during our visit to Nepal two weeks earlier.

By the time we decide the final drawing, with some corrections, we start the application of the stencil.
As in any other respectable studio, all over the world, there was an explanation of the various tools, and the hygiene procedures.
Vivek will apply meticulously, every point of ink. We have time, anyway, my flight is only the next day.

Tattoo Nepal Mandala

And the work will not be completely finished before 11 PM, for a surface of this size, it is by far the longest time it took me for a tattoo.

But the conversation was easy and interesting, the time passed very quickly. Due to its technique, the Dots tattoo is in my opinion much less “painful”.

One of our topics of conversation, for example, was whether cutting the head of 250 000 animals in 2009 for the Gadhimai Festival (held every five years) was not a little too much (Gadhimai Temple Trust Agreed to cancel all future animal sacrifice).

You can go to this tattoo studio without any worry, you will meet there passionate and kind people. They even just open a second one in New York, if you don’t want to fly to Nepal.

In a nutshell:

Mohan’s Tattoo Inn :

Address : Same building as Momo Hut (just behind),Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal

Telephone : 977-1-4700629

E-mail: [email protected] – [email protected]

New Studio in the US :

Address :77-02C Roosevelt Ave., Jackson Heights, NY 11372,

Telephone : 718-898-1700

E-mail: [email protected] – [email protected]


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