Nepal Foodies : Dal Bhat, but not only.

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When you walk 10 hours a day, is Dal Bhat the most efficient food ?

Dal Bhat literally “rice with lentils” is a traditional Nepalese dish, famous in the Indian subcontinent. It consists of white rice (bhat) and a bowl of lentil soup (dal), accompagnied with a vegetable curry (tarkari), generally vegetarian and served at will.

Here are some suggestions for you :

Potala Restaurant

In Pokhara, we highly recommand Potala Restaurant, located on the first floor of a market. Ok, it is Tibetan not Nepalese, but the food is delicious, heavenly cooked Momo. The owner, Tsering, is a a mine of information about Buddhism.

One floor below Mohans Tattoo Inn, here is the perfect place for you to get a litle break from the busy city beneath you.


Momo Hut

Thamel sandwich Restaurant

By far the best and tastier exemple of junkfood Kathmandu has to offer. You do have to try the Yak cheese sandwich (depending on the season).

Speaking about Yak cheese, it is one of your best option to find some ! Depending on your country of origin, border and customs legislation it is a great gift to bring back home.

Dairy Development Corporation


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