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Walking in Marrakech, should be your number one option.

Going from a riad to another is always an adventure. You end up in another part of the city, with new souk, new alleys. And with so many new ones opening every year with similar names, you will need some luck to get real directions.

Bliss Riad

Majorelle Garden

La Mamounia

Food Stalls

I don’t know if you guys went to the Marrakech Museum ? We did have a look at the beautiful patio, but preferred to go next door, to the Ben Youssef Madrasa. For 20 MAD (2€) you can enter this former Islamic College dating back from the 11th century, Housing as many as 900 students.

He is very interesting to see this religious boarding school, to see the arrangement of the ablution pool, the former dormitories on the first floor, and the mosaics. The student had individual rooms and libraries. A guide is definitely a plus to fully understand the history of this important cultural asset.

25 minutes walk from the Medersa will lead you to the Majorelle Garden. Going through the medina and out of it by the Marrakech’s bus station. Entry fee went up to 70 MAD (7€) recently, the price difference is really important compared to the other places to visit in Marrakech, but the place is very well maintained.

It took forty years to the French painter Jacques Majorelle, to create this hidden gem. A Green oasis,  after whom the particular colour Blue is named, in the Red city.

Had enough of walking ? Need a drink ? If you fancy some luxury, history and architecture, once again, we got you covered.

La Mamounia can boast the title of the world’s best hotel by Conde Nast. Opened in 1923, the same Jacques Majorelle, did decorate the living room. Some of Hitchcock’s film scenes were filmed here, and Winston Churchill stayed there frequently, giving its name to the bar. Even if you do not stay there, you can (except on Monday) go visit it.

Back to Jemaa el Fna, you can this time, try one of the food stalls, you can’t visit Marrakech without eating there at least once. But it is better to eat at the busier stalls where there is a fast turnover of food. If you are concerned about getting sick, you should carry antibacterial gel, the food won’t be the problem.

The touts are impressive, they know an incalculable number of foreign languages, with reference to tv show, singer, geography, for every single country. We recommend to eat at stall 1 or 15 but do let us know which one you prefer.

About our hotel, we stayed 2 nights in this beautiful newly opened riad (december 2016) in the middle of the medina. It has nine rooms, all individually decorated. We had a real crush for our one, the “Chandelle”. Not only for the beauty of the room, but especially the pleasure of having a fireplace for the colder nights.

During your stay, enjoy complimentary teas, coffees, hot chocolate and delicious Moroccan pastries, whenever you like, in the “lounge” area of the first floor.


Bliss has a beautiful rooftop, perfect to take breakfast, get some tan and watch the sunset light. A small “pool” should be added soon.
You can choose your egg style, garnished according to your desires, and choice of original fragrance oil, as garlic, ginger, pimento, cinnamon, parmesan …

The server Hamid is very nice, he is a true Berber, who will be delighted to inform you all about the traditions in Morocco. Ask him for his special Berber tea, a real delight.

Let’s talk about my little crush. The Bliss’s products, an enchanting scent, a real treat to spend hours in the bathroom.

A big thanks to Sheila, the manager, who received us so well. It was nice to talk with her about our travels addictions.

In a nutshell:

La Mamounia : Even if you do not stay there, you can (exept on monday) go visit it.

Majorelle Garden : Open most of the year from 8 AM to 17 PM

Entrance fee : 70 MAD

Telephone : +212 (0)5 24 31 30 47

Email : [email protected]

Medersa Ben-Youssef : The entry fee will be 20 MAD (2€). And try to arrive early on the site, if you want to enjoy this beautiful place without too many people.

Hotel : Bliss Riad

Address : 182 Rue Mouassine, Dar El Bacha, Medina, 40000 Marrakech Morocco

Telephone : +(212) 615 312 049

Email : [email protected]

Website :


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