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Hemeras Boutique Hotel

Castello Sforzesco

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II

Milan Duomo

Angolo Di Casa

Navigli District

Our road trip was coming to an end. Milan was our last stop and there is no way we could have finished in a more relaxing location.

Not that Milan was our favorite place in Italy as we could have stayed the 4 night in the apartment. What it lacks in the sheer density of historical you can find in Rome and Florence, it makes up for with amazing fashion. Heaven if you are a shopaholic. Remember Milan is the economic capital of Italy.

We were greeted by Pedro who showed us the suite that will be ours for 3 nights and explained the history of the Hemeras Group. 50 Boutique Hotel Apartments located in Milan city center. There was no sign of any hotel in our secret building we were staying at. 4 luxury designed suites, warm shades and an extra attention to details. An experience that unites luxury and comfort.

All the properties have a different style and will make the choice difficult. We stayed 3 nights in the Rossa Suite via Borgonuovo. As we love to travel around the world it was so nice to find books, pieces of furniture and decoration brought back from all over it. Such a cozy atmosphere that reigns in this suite. A blend of African and Asian home decor.  Red ochre walls, a massive Buffalo skull, Balinese painting etc …

I was conquered by the bathroom, a real jewel inspired by a traditional hammam. We enjoyed the suites so much that we almost forgot to visit the city. The apartment is furnished with a fully equipped kitchen that allowed us to cook pasta of all kinds. And of course the last night we went out to taste some Italian pizzas to end our journey. I love pizzas so much!

Of course the last night we went out to taste some Italian pizzas to end our journey. I love pizzas so much !

The Duomo is the most important structure in Milan, it is actually the 3rd highest church naves in the world (45 m -148 ft) and the 3rd largest interior area (12 000 m²). A very popular tourist attraction and you’ll have to wake up really early to have it for yourself. The terrace offers a perfect view of the city and the Alps. Entry fee to the Terrace :

Entry fee to the Terrace : 9€ on foot or 13€ by lift.

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II completed in 1877 is one of the oldest shopping malls in the world (the first Prada shop).

The Bull floor mosaic is something special, an enduring tradition that has lasted more than 140 years. Putting your right heel on the bull’s balls and turn on yourself 3 times backwards will bring you good luck. Due to the repetitive practice the municipality must often restore the worn patch.

The good thing with Milan is that finding a green area won’t be a problem. With more than 80 public gardens.

From the Arco della Pace to the Castello Sforzesco, Parco Sempione is the largest one by far, the perfect place to relax and enjoy some sun.

The castle next to the Park Sempione dates back from in the 14th century.  It was once the residence of  the ruling family of Milan.

We mostly wanted to relax while in Milan and avoid the large crowd we encountered while traveling in Italy.

But here is some more info you might want to have before visiting Milan :

  • The Santa Maria delle Grazie Church is the home of Da Vinci masterpiece – The Last Supper. It is not a “paint” like most of the people think but a mural painting. You should book your tickets in advance or you will have an unpleasing surprise when reaching the church.
  • Leonardo’s Horse was made 500 years after Leonardo Da Vinci abandoned his project. It is located by the newer race track – Ippodromo del Galoppo di San Siro.
  • The Navigli District is another alternative way for you to enjoy a drink in a nice atmosphere. There are 2 canals surrounded by restaurants, bars, and cool little shop.
  • For the football aficionados, both the Milan AC and Inter play at the Siro stadium.

In a nutshell:

Hemeras Boutique Hotel :

Address : It depends on what apartment you are staying at.

Website :

Email : [email protected]

Telephone : +39 3335936063

Duomo di Milano


  • Monday- Friday : 8H-22H
  • Saturday – Daytime : 8H – 16H
  • Saturday – Night Time : 17H – 22H
  • Sunday – Day Time : 13H30 – 15H30.
  • Sunday – Night Time :  17H 6 22H.

Terrace : Entry fee : 9€ on foot or 13€ by lift.

  • Tuesday – Sunday 9H – 18H
  • May – September / Friday and Saturday 9H – 21H30


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