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The Island of Freedom.

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The biggest music festival in Europe is not that crowded for no reason.

2017 was already the 25th edition.

Sziget Festival

This year 454 000 “Szitizen” came to Budapest to share love, happiness, and some great tunes.

I can only compare it with Coachella for a festival of that size I already attend. And the atmosphere is so much different. First of all, Sziget is huge. We did get lost a few times and it was actually a good thing as we always end up in even cooler place. I didn’t feel that flow going from stage to stage when the big artists played, leaving the smaller one empty. Most of the venue where full of people dancing at any time of the day.

Speaking about daytime, before the big name come up on stage there are so many things to do on the island.

  • Yoga and Bellydance classes
  • Ceramics classes
  • Board Games tents etc …

And trust me everybody tried its best to get that party started. Costumes for the guys and a lot of glitter for the girls.

Another random thing you can do : Get married to anyone (or anything) that’s close to your heart ! For approximatively 30€ / “couple” you will get a certificate, 2 rings and a chance to win a luxury honeymoon in Budapest.

To camp is an adventure in itself. You have several options with extra services but the general idea is the same, be in the heart of the action and waste as little time as possible in public transport.

The sooner you arrive, the best spot you will get (close to the dusty path might not be the best option). You can camp on the island as long you have a valid 5-7 day pass or ticket for two consecutive days. Almost the all island is converted to a camping at the exception of the “dance-floor” and “food court”.

If you do need more comfort there is some “improved camping” that can be booked. For example, the Apero Camping is one of the most shaded areas on the island with a French twist. With private shower, luggage storage or wifi.

The VIP Camping even has a swimming pool.

Everybody can join the adventure as we surprisingly saw quite a lot of families enjoying the various activities.

Sziget for its 25th anniversary welcomed its 8 millionth visitor. Károly Gerendai, the founder of the festival, welcomed the Roumanian girl to gave her a “forever pass” for Sziget.

How cool is that ?


We both hope with Loïc to see you next year in Budapest, and make the 2018 Sziget Festival, even more, memorable than the 2017 edition!
In a nutshell:

Next Sziget Festival : 8-15 August 2018

Tickets (price for 2017) :

  • Daily Pass: 75€ on the spot and cheaper if booked earlier. Camping is included if you stay two consecutive days.
  • 7-Day Pass: 325€ or 275€ if booked before December.
  • Weekend Pass: 185€ with the possibility to camp on the island.

And many more options you can find there : Ticket Sziget

Website :


The great thing about Sziget Festival is its own location, having such a huge crowd but still, being able to visit one of the main capital city in Europe.

Good to know : The island is 20 minutes away from Budapest city center. 1 ticket cost 1.20€ and 5€ for a 24h Pass 5€. Take the line 3 from Deak Ter to Batthyani Ter and then the HEV5 until you reach Filatorigát.

A huge bravo to the team working at the festival, that made the island of freedom look like a brand new one every following day.

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