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Virpazar – Lake Skadar.

by | Oct 7, 2017

Montenegro Skadar Lake
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Monténégro tourism can somehow, be compared to the Slovenian one in my opinion. Maybe it will soon be certified a green destination as well. There is so much to do. Even if the country isn’t huge, going from point A to point B can take a while as you will end up most of the time on a small windy road. Luckily for us, the public transport easily serves most of the main landmarks.

You can enjoy biking, kitesurfing, rafting or just enjoy the many beautiful beaches of the Adriatic coast.

Flying to Montenegro might not be the cheapest option and you can also reach the country by ferry (from Bari or Ancone), by car from Croatia or Albania, or by train from Serbia if you have an Interrail Pass for example.

We decided to add Montenegro to our Interrail journey through Europe before heading back to France on a long 48h journey including night ferry, night train, and many more buses and trains.
The ride from Belgrade to Postojorica is an adventure itself. It is known as the “Balkan Express” since it was opened by the Yugoslavian ruler Tito in 1976. His private blue train was known as the most luxurious train of its time.

It is then a 30 minutes drive from Postojorica to Virpazar where we will spend 2 nights on the edge of the Skadar Lake.

Pelican Hotel might be the biggest one in the small village. The interior of the hotel from what we heard is nice but the selling technique of the owner is a little aggressive and they won’t let you go if you tell them you do not want to book any of theirs activities. We advise you to check Airbnb or ask the Virpazar tourist information on arrival. There is plenty of inexpensive rooms and your host hopefully will be as nice as our one was (we got some peach from his garden with a shot of peach schnapps).

Silistria is a boat restaurant and a tasteful option for a lunch or a dinner in Virpazar. Who would not want to eat dinner on a pirate ship?
The portions are huge and it is a lovely place to enjoy a beer while watching the beautiful surrounding landscape.
I had a bad memory from the last time I ate Carp but I still had some there. Now I won’t be afraid to order it again.

We went on a full day tour with Boat Milica to experience what Lake Skadar has to offer. The boat will sail on tiny canals through reeds and lilypads, it would take you years to see everything.

It is a family run business and you can really feel their love for the region. They do know everything there is to know about the lake and the wildlife inhabiting it.

The Monastery of Sveti Nikola offers a breathtaking view of the lake and the surrounding mountains.

In a nutshell:

Boat milica :

Address : Virpazar, Montenegro

Telephone : +382 (68) 702 376

Email : [email protected]

Website :

Montenegro Toursit Organisation : 

Website :

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