Belgrade :

The White City.

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Serbian Montmartre - Skadarlija

The public transport is not as bad as I could have read, but if you need to go to a particular place out of the city center with no wifi it might get complicated. But there are dozens of bus and tramway lines over Belgrad.

BS Tours will show you places you will probably never put your eyes on in the first place. The duration of the bus tour is approximately 70 minutes. It will give you some cultural insight on what happens in the Serbian capital.

Belgrade Fortress :

The best way to enjoy a late afternoon or to watch the sun go down in Belgrade (or a dinosaur park). The admission is free and you will have a great view of the confluence of the Sava and the Danube.

There is some wedding being held there and I really wonder how the ladies can walk on those cobbles in heels.

This place was called “The Gate of War”, the bloody gate between the east and the west.

Boho Bar :

Located right next to the fortress is the Boho Bar, the perfect spot to enjoy the sunset in Belgrade. An oasis in the city center with the castle walls as a background. We did feel in Bali for a while with a GOT twist.

You can walk barefoot and enjoy a drink on one of the comfy poufs.

Skadarlija Street :

It is the Bohemian area of Belgrade often compare as something similar to Montmartre in Paris. It all started when Gypsies started settling in abandoned trenches next to the fortress in the 19th century. A large part was still undergoing reconstruction and a beautiful area should come up from it.

Festivals : 

Depending on the time of the year you will be visiting Belgrade there are many things happening around the Serbian capital. Let’s call it a great timing as we just arrived during the Belgrade Beer Fest (like we did in Ljubljana 😇).

In the Ušće park, during 5 days, over 600 000 people enjoyed concerts from international artists, a wide range of foreign and domestic beer and some great street food.

The Church of Saint Sava :

This Orthodox church is the largest in Southeastern Europe and one of the largest Orthodox church in the world. It is built on a plateau (Vračar) where Saint Sava, creator of the Serbian Orthodox church was burnt by the Ottoman.

It needs in my opinion two visits, one during daytime and one after dark. A rainy day would even be better as you could capture the reflection on the floor with your camera.

One thing you might not want to do is turn off your airplane mode and activate roaming. In 2017 a new law came through to globalize all roaming fee in Europe so people could use their phone as in their own country (for a limited use each year). Of course, we didn’t know that most of the Balkanic countries are exceptions. An unpleasant surprise when going back home for sure.
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