Day 4 : Iceland

Glacier and countryside

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Many of the country’s best known tourist attractions are in South Iceland,

the unavoidable, was the southwestern glacier area.

Hrifunes Guesthouse

Jökulsárlón Glacier

Fjallsárlón Glacial Lagoon

Skaftafell / Vatnajökull National Park

Today’s fun program.

Jokulsarlon, an iceberg lagon escaping from the Vatnajokull glacier, the largest glacier in Europe. It is located along the main Route 1, it is a touristy place so you can not miss it, signs indicate it, turn left after the bridge when you are heading East.

On arrival, you are going to be amazed ! The blue of the glacier is incredible, and with these temperatures, and this landscape, it is easy to imagine the North Pole. You might be lucky enough to see seals swimming between icebergs.

It is possible to make a tour among the icebergs by boat but it’s not what you’d call cheap, and it is just as beautiful as admiring them walking along the beach. The views across them are breathtaking; even on a dusky morning when a vicious wind whips your face and a weak sun struggles to light the landscape their beauty shines through.

The place is magical, certainly there are a lot of tourists but everyone seems to respect the quietness of the place. We walk for a moment along the banks before going back the road.

After Jökularlon, we decided to come home in the pouring rain. We honestly just completely forgot about going to Diamond Beach, we realized our omission, after 20 minutes of driving. The weather seemed to be much better in Vik’s direction, and decided to keep the Diamonds for our next trip. What a good idea it was !

On the way back we stopped along the M1 near another glacier : Svinafell. The road to Svinafell is rather good and is only 2km (gravel roads) ending with a parking lot. After a small 15 minute you can approach the glacier to the closest.

Remember : Always be careful when venturing near the glaciers. Do not put foot on the ice without sufficient experience, or accompanied by a guide. A commemorative plaque at the entrance of the glacier reminds you of the risks involved. 2 German hikers have been lost in these glaciers and have never been found. Testament to how rugged and deeply crevassed glaciers can be.

And guys we swear, the view was just magical ! There was nobody, just few photographers who were waiting for the sunset.
We were lucky enough to finally have some good weather at that time. We let you judge it by yourself from our photos.

After having taken a lot of pictures, we took our way back to Hrifunes Guesthouse. Less than 10Km later we saw one of that roadsign and decided to check what was special about that one.

Hrifunes Guesthouse

This home has something special, really friendly, we felt at home as soon as we set foot in the house.

We were welcomed by two ladies, very adorable, they showed us the place decorated with a mix of  Icelandic style, and gave us information about what to see and do around the area. The diner is totally homemade and incredibly delicious. 50 € / PAX for a 3 course meal. 

It is the only place where we had a glimpse at the Northern Light. And also the strongest frost in the morning.

In a nutshell:

Hotel : Hrifunes Guesthouse

Address : Hrífunesvegur, Iceland

Telephone : +354 863 5540

Website :

Rental Car : Lagoon Car Rental

Adress : Keflavík : Smiðjuvellir 3230 Reykjanesbaer Iceland    Reykjavik : Sundagarðar 8104 ReykjavikIceland

Telephone : +354 515 2220

Website :

@ : [email protected]


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