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There is so many beautiful thing to say about Zadar. The main one :

  • It is far from Dubrovnik crowds.
  • They have the best pizza.

The former fortress of the Venetian Republic, occupied by the French people (1797), became Austrian (1813), then again Italian (1920), Yugoslav (1943), before (finally) the Republic of Croatia in 1991.

3000 year old Zadar still have its foundations of the ancient Roman Forum exposed. But the city is well alive and people from all around the world know its sour cherry used to make Maraschino. It is so lovely to stroll in this city where we only spent a single night.

The Garden Lounge own by two members of UB40 offers nu jazz and mellow house on top of the city walls with a spectacular garden and view.

Getting hungry ? We have the best possible idea for you.

Teta feta proposes Jumbo pizza for 75 HRK ($11) and they taste sooo good. We always said that if we come back to Croatia. Anywhere in Croatia. We will find a way to come back to Zadar even for only an hour to get once again one of the pizza

Zadar Dalmatian Croatia Jumbo Pizza 2

Quiet and restful. Enjoying the sea organ sound while watching the sunset is an experience not to be missed. Victim of its own success you might need to come early enough if you don’t want to be one of the tourist tripping over each other.

Alfred Hitchcock once said that the actual sea organ location is the place to watch the “most beautiful sunset in the world“.

The “Greeting to the Sun” absorb the sun energy and then transform it into electrical energy used for Nikola Bašić‘s installation (the newly created electricity is also used for the lighting of the entire waterfront). A 22 meter diameter circle made of 300 glass plates. The Artwork turn on simultaneously with the sunset in the rhythm of the waves and the sounds of the Sea organs.

One more thing : Not far from Zadar you can see the smallest cathedral in the world near Nin.


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