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Split Croatia
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Magnificent Roman city.

Split is really a timeless city. Going for a stroll in the city and getting lost is the best way to explore it. If you are a fan of History you cannot miss this city with more than 2000 years of age, standing at the crossroads of civilisations.

The Diocletian palace is one of the best preserved monuments of the Roman architecture in the world. The old town is still located on the inside of the palace enclosure, combining Roman temples, restaurants and shops.

If you want to exit the city for a little while Park Šuma Marjan is your best option. 350 stairs to have a great panoramic view above the city.

At first it was “only” the mausoleum of Diocletian and was converted into a church in 650 to become the Cathedral of Saint Domnius.

Entry fee : 45 HKR  Cathedral + Belfry

Hours : 8am-7pm Mon-Sat, 12.30-6.30pm Sun

Just after the peristil is the Temple of Jupiter. Ornamented by the sphinxes Diocletian brought from Egypt. It was turned into Baptistery in the 7th century and still has its original barrel-vaulted ceiling.

The crypt below the Cathedral (Diocletian’s old mausoleum) was turned into a chapel.

Entry Fee : 25 HKR = Crypt and Temple of Jupiter.

Hours : Jun–Sept daily 8am–8pm; Oct and May daily 7am–noon and 5–7pm; Nov–Apr closed

St Lucy was supposed to cure eye disease. She was forced to get married. By despair she plucked out her eyes herself and gave it to her suitor. The source located in the crypt is supposed to cure all the diseases affecting the eye system.
I suppose it can be used for diverse reasons.

Where to exchange money ?

Average rate was about 7.15 HRK = 1 € in the entire city.

But there we got 7.40 HRK = 1€.

Money Exchange

Green Market

Uje oil

We ate good Dalmatian food on the first night at Uje Oil. And recommend to try Burek and Croatian Soparnik (kale pie) at the green market.

The city have a lot to offer. Although occasionally random.


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