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Land of the Falling Lakes.

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This park is the only registered UNESCO natural World Heritage in the country, Croatia’s most popular tourist attraction.

A series of 16 lakes of varying size extends for kilometers, each connected by beautiful waterfalls. The area visited by tourists represents only 1% of the park. Covering over 290 km2.

It would be a shame not to discover every lakes that Plitvice have to offer. Each have special legends. Often evoked in its name.

  • Proscansko lake for exemple. Devout prayers calling the Black Forest Queen dwelling to end a severe drought in the region, which would have resulted in the creation of this lake with a depth of 37 meters.
  • A herd of thirty goats (koza in Croatian) drowned in Lake Kozjak.
  • A peasant named Batinac or a grandmother would have perished in the Batinovac.
  • A fisherman, Mile Mirić. Stumbled on a rotten stump and felt into Milino Jezero  lake.

Plitvice Lakes National Park

Bungalows Korana

Entrance 1 is a better option with less crowd.

We stayed at Bungalows Korana for a night before driving to Bosnia.

Seeking information on the area, a name always come up, overnight homestay is one of the favorite option for tourists visiting Plitvice. Along the main road is a significant number of guesthouse on each side offering mostly homemade dish and other local specialties. Sometimes from daily hunting / fishing. We checked in at Bungalows Korana and asked the front desk if they had any advice or recommendation. We then opted for Petro restaurant located in Rastoke.

It is apparently an experience we had to try. We had to reach Rastoke before nightfall. 22 mills for 28 houses were used since the 17th century, to grind wheat and corn as well as for dyeing wool.

Petro Restaurant

Petro is also an old mill converted into a restaurant. Water flows around it. With a small waterfall and few ponds. The main one is used to keep live trout. The fish are then taken daily, prepared and ready to be cooked. You should expect the specialty of the house (a trout) to be around 400 grams each.

Our only regret was to not spend more time in the village to take pictures with sunlight.

In a nutshell:

Bungalows Korana :

Address : Plitvička Jezera, 53231, Irinovac, Croatia

Telephone : +385 53 751 888

Petro Restaurant :

Address : Rastoke 29, 47240, Slunj, Croatia

Telephone : +385 47 777 709

Website :

Plitvice Lakes National Park :

Entrance fee :

1 Jan – 31 Mar and
1 Nov – 31 Dec **
1 Apr – 30 Jun and
1 Sep – 31 Oct
  1 Jul – 31 Aug
Adults 55,00 110,00 180,00
Adults – GROUPS* 50,00 100,00 160,00
Students*** 45,00 80,00 110,00
Students – GROUPS*/*** 40,00 70,00 100,00
Children and teenagers 7 – 18 years 35,00 55,00 80,00
Children and teenagers 7 – 18 years – GROUPS* 30,00 50,00 70,00
Children below 7 years of age FREE FREE FREE


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