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Makarska riviera :

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Croatia Makarska Brac Beach
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Deep Club

FKK Nugal Beach

Sveti Petar Sunset Spot

Konoba Kalalarga Restaurant

Ivo Restaurant

FKK Nugal Beach was our favorite one as it was really less crowded. Walking from the city center you will have plenty of other rocky spot on the way to lay your towel and sunbathe on.

Croatia is full of flavours and Makarska is no exception. Here is 2 address for you to try, let us know if you been there.

Ivo is a great restaurant with nice interior, great service and the food tastes delicous. They also have a cool wine selection. I’ve asked them for a grilled vegetables, it was not on the menu but they prepared it for me.

Konoba Kalalarga is more easygoing, frequented by local people. Every day a different menu at an unbeatable price.

One thing you might want to try and never knew about (or maybe as Kalimotxo) : “bambus”. It is red wine mixed with cola but i personally prefer the Fanta one.

The brandy in Croatia is drunk as an apéritif and not an after dinner drink. Other amongst some of the most known are :

– Rakija (fruit brandy)
– Travarica (herbal rakija)
– Rogač (carob tree)
– Šljivovica (damson plums)

Sveti Petar is a great location for you to watch the sunset. At the extreme west side of the park. With naked people, a church, a lighthouse and a beach.

Sunset is over and you just had dinner. For the second part of the evening Deep is an awesome nightclub to have a drink, located in a cave. Yes a cave ! Is it a regular beach during the day that transform into an electro temple at night.

Ferry Tickets

Zlatni Rat

Sumartin Beach

Brâc is one of the many island in the Adriatic Sea within Croatia and the biggest on the Dalmatian coast (1186 islands). It is also the tallest one with its highest point 778 meters above sea level, with good weather conditions you might even see Italy from it.

Zlatni Rat is for sure the most famous beach on the island. Located 4 km from the city of Bol the beach shape change daily depending on winds and currents. So you better not fall asleep for to long on it or you will end up with your feet in the water.

As good as the long golden unique-shaped pebble beach look it is awfully crowded and there nothing so special about it (unless seeing from above). We do prefer smallest beach nearby.

The island is well known for its white limestone, used to built the Diocletian’s Palace in Split

It is one of the easiest islands to reach, just a short ferry hob by ferry from Split to Supetar or like we did from Makarska to Sumartin (1 hour).

We didn’t tell you that: Of course you will need a valid ticket to board the ferry. But in both directions we have not had any control. So instead of throwing it away we ended up going back to the ticket office and sold the tickets to someone in the line who did not want to wait in the rain. this might be an option for you as well.

Your choice …


In a nutshell:

Hostel Makarska :

Website :

Telephone : +385 21 615 372

Address : Prvosvibanjska ul. 15, 21300, Makarska, Croatia


Konoba Kalalarga Restaurant :

Address : Kalalarga 40, 21300, Makarska, Croatia

Telephone : +385 98 990 2908


Ivo restaurant :

Address : Ul. Ante Starčevića 41, 21300, Makarska, Croatia

Telephone : +385 21 611 257


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