Dubrovnik :

King’s Landing.

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Bar Mala Buža

For a few years a large media campaign was created to promote the south coast. Tourists ceaseless flow into the city from cruise ship (you should avoid the historic core from 10.00am to 4.00pm).

During the summer months it is almost impossible to enter Dubrovnik main entrance with so many groups attracted by the medieval charm, old town terracotta roof and famous Game of Thrones tv-show. The narrow alleys filled with onlookers will only give you a few opportunity to take photos and unveiled Dubrovnik true beauty.


Parking in Dubrovnik is a budget on its own, 40 HRK per hour (6 €) in the city center. 800 HKR a day (108€).It would be better to book an hotel that offer a parking to reduce the costs if you plan on staying a few days. You can also park a little outside the City walls for 7 HRK per hour and hop in the bus (number 1b or 6) for 12 HKR in kiosk or 15 HKR in the bus.

All advices collected in Croatia lead us to only spend one day in the city. The increasing mass tourism unfortunately spoiled our fun. But to go to Croatia and skip Dubrovnik doesn’t make sense to us.

Bar Mala Buža. One of the coolest spots, the bar arguably enjoys the “best view in the world”, nestled in between the rocks. (35 HKR for a beer / 5€)

Kamenice GH

We took the decision not to spend the night in Dubrovnik and drove away. After having crossed the H&B-Croatian border on our way to Makarska we stopped at the first village (Kamenice). Trust me there is no lack of sign indicating rooms available along the entire Adriatic coast.

40 BAM (20€) for the two of us, without breakfast, but with wifi.

In a nutshell:
Info Cruise Timetables : Maybe the most important document. It was unfortunately too late for us.



  • The walls that surround the city are 2km long and can be walked completely : 150 HRK


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