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El Nido : Palawan

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The best landscape we have seen in The Philippines yet.

We teamed up with PhilGuru to enjoy the best things El Nido has to offer.

  • Boat tour
  • Kayak
  • Amazing food
  • Pristine water
  • White-sand beaches

Creating our own tour was a great idea, it allowed us to choose from both tour A and B and had the best day ever.

Small Lagoon:

Big Lagoon:

Secret Lagoon: I flew the drone and decide I rather spend my time on the beautiful beach rather than the busy small lagoon.

A few tips to have the best possible day:

  • Bring shoes as most of the rocks are really sharp.
  • Ask for a reverse tour if possible.You will avoid the crowds.
  • Try to leave as soon as possible to get a chance to be by yourself at the first spot.

Snake Island : Vigan island – named “Snake island” because of its sandbar – is best visited at low tide.

Pinagbuyutan Island : This island is mostly made of limestone but has a beautiful beach on one side. This is a dream beach for me, no sand but a lovely thick grass.

Snorkeling : Every tour stop at one of the snorkeling spots. A refreshing break well deserved.

In a nutshell:

PhilGuru : 

Telephone : +639473867124

Website : https://www.philguru.com/



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