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We used to have memory.

We used to have paper map, the only way to find a certain place sometimes was to bring along someone who had been there before

Then we used to have early GPS units.

After the arrival of mobile phones, organizing every trip was simplified. CityMaps2Go, the App we use at first made organizing travel accessible to everybody. Now Maps.Me is taking your journey to the next level of easiness.

Like all previous one, you have to download each area you wish to navigate through. There are however several helpful features. Maps.Me has recently collaborated with, and allow users to view and reserve hotels online. When you search for an accommodation even offline, the map will show you it’s price category and rating. Very convenient to find a small guesthouse location.

Creating bookmarks, listed by color and other sub-classification allows easy organization of various important points to note on the map. I do not know about the current competitors but compared to the App we used, Maps.Me was the first to allow, offline, the creation of a route between two points. Once created, even in airplane mode, you will be able to follow your route in real time on a detailed map. Bookmarks once created are saved to a file and allow their backups, or can be sent on social networks and other platforms.

There are nevertheless some small bugs, roads noted are not necessarily drivable and we had already come across the one-way street not indicated.

The possibility to use so accurately a map with no wi-fi, make it one of the most useful applications during your travel, whether to set the route of it or even in a place with no wi-fi with pre-register points.



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  1. Patrick L

    Il manque peut etre une chose, il n’y a qu’un itinéraire et aucun autre choix possible, mais je ne sais pas comment cela pourrait fonctionner en mode avion.


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