Language : Speak out !!!

What do you have to say?

From our previous experience, we would say that knowing a minimum of Language will always be useful. It will always help you out of many situations. Wherever remote place you found yourself in. It is always better to have a minimum knowledge.

You could, for example, understand what was said by the previous customer and thus decide the right price for an item.

Here is a list of what we think, is helpful to know if you have a little time, without necessarily deepen :

  • Greetings: This is always how conversations begin. Being able to greet someone will at least make them more willing to put up with sign language. When later, you will have no idea how to say “eggplant”.

-Good morning, good afternoon.

-Good evening, good night.

  • Numbers: Anywhere you go numbers are your main assets. They will help you to bargain and avoid to get ripped off. They also will allow you to be on time and ask for timetables.

-One to one hundred, distance and conversions.

  • Directions:  You don’t need to be able to say 33° or to be capable of asking for a mountain hypotenuse. Really.

-Left, right, down, below.

-North, south, east, west.

-In, out, entry, exit.

Will make your life easier on the road.

In Kazakhstan for example. Speaking some Russian word has saved us countless kilometers without ending up in the wrong direction. Unfortunately, we still do not have Maps.Me at the time and end up being blocked with our Jeep on a mountain pass.

  • Quantitative: All quantitative are useful when traveling.

-Some more, some less.

-Empty, full.

  • Question words: Ready to buy things? To understand a Menu? These are the words that allow you to find the toilet by yourself.

-How much, why, what.

-What, who, where.

  • Action verbs: Not the most important, but they allow you to specify your request.

-Walk, drive, sail, run.

-Go, put, take, come.

-Eat, drink.

Want, need, have.

-Sleep, say, show …


You will then be ready to learn the most used language in the world, “The globetrotter awkward sign language“.

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About me

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