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How to get your money back.

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No, all is not lost !!!

A missed flights for one reason or another is always a hard time, whether you missed an important meeting, or are blocked one extra day.

There is something to cheer you up, that very few people know, in Europe at least. When a customer misses a flight for any reason. He can then make a request to the airline, the latter is obliged to refund the airport taxes.

It is, by no means necessary to be sick or to have a valid reason to benefit this service. This will allow you to recover up to 50% (in France) of your expenses. Whether it is a refundable ticket or not, the following conditions are the same. The airport tax, civil aviation tax, safety and environment fee or solidarity tax, must be paid by the Airlines, to the airport or to the State for example…

This has been billed to you and is included in the price of your flight, they will not actually be paid by the company if you are not traveling.

Nothing could be easier to get a refund. A simple request by email to the customer service, explaining your situation, should be enough to get some of your money back. The delays will depend on the airline you used. Some will refund the tax automatically, whereas others require you to fill out some extra form. To get the exact procedure on claiming back APD tax, you should check the Airline website as it should be mentioned on its own web page. The airlines know that few people are aware of the right to be refunded, depending on the company, it will be necessary to send several emails and to be tough in order to be considered.

Proper example:  We bought 2 returns tickets in Europe. The total transaction was 230 €. After being unable to catch our plane, and a few email exchange later, we have been reimbursed 108 € by the airline. The Hamon law (C. consum ., Art. L. 113-8 ) requires Air carriers, but also any other person selling tickets, to proceed to the refund within 30 days from the request of the passenger, any violation is punishable by a fine from 3 000 to 15 000 €.

Did you already manage to get a refund?


In a nutshell:

After missing a flight, do not waste time. Send an email as soon as possible to the Airline.

This email must specify your flight number, booking number , and a clear request for reimbursement of fees and airport charges. This amount will be credited to the credit card used when booking or any other way.


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